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Commercial EPC

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate   


  • A Commercial EPC indicates the energy efficiency of the building fabric, and the installed heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting systems.


  • An official, valid certificate will include:


  • A Certificate Reference Number.


  • The address of the property, it relates to.


  • An Asset Rating.


  • Brief Technical information.


  • Benchmarks.


  • The Certificate will also have the Assessors Name and Number with his/her Accreditation Scheme, the issue date and Reference Number of the Recommendations Report.


  • The Recommendation Report included with the Certificate includes :


  • Short Term Payback - less than three years


  • Medium Term Payback - between three and seven years


  • Long Term Payback - greater then seven years


  • Valid for 10 years 


  • A Fact sheet is also included with all our EPC's with information on areas of concern



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For a detailed explanation of a Commercial Energy Certificate please follow the link below.

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