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Asbestos Surveys & Sampling

  Do I need an asbestos survey for my business?


If you are the owner or are legally responsible for commercial premises, such as an office, shop or industrial site built before 2000 in the UK, then you need to have an up to date asbestos management survey in place and available for inspection. Current Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation stipulates that if your property has a previous record of containing asbestos, the property needs to be re-inspected, usually on a yearly basis. HSE rules also say that any commercial buildings built before 2000, where refurbishment work or demolition is planned, will need to have a demolition and refurbishment survey for asbestos before any work can begin. This is where we can help, by providing your business with a professional asbestos report.


Why get a Devon & Cornwall Energy Consultant asbestos survey?


Asbestos surveys carried out by us will ensure that your business premises is fully compliant with current UK legislation. We are not connected to any commercial asbestos removal firm so you are assured that our survey is unbiased and independent. As a fully accredited provider, all of our professional assessors at Devon & Cornwall Energy Consultants work to the highest standards to give you complete peace of mind that your asbestos survey is done thoroughly, protecting you and your employees, and safeguarding you from any potential health associated litigation in future.


Why is asbestos considered dangerous?


Although use of asbestos in the UK was banned in 1999, many buildings built before then are likely to contain large quantities of asbestos or asbestos containing materials (ACMs). When asbestos is handled or disturbed in some way, it can release fine fibres that are potentially harmful when breathed in and can become lodged in the lungs. As well as causing lung cancer, asbestos is known to cause a range of other lung diseases. Given its wide use before it was banned, asbestos is still present in many forms and property's today.





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